Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Write, Therefore I Am

I admit I have never been much of the creative writing type. I tend to explore myself more through the visual arts. But since my creative exploration began, stepping into the foray of writing has been more appealing, and even more so, since I have found a lively writing workshop to attend. Stepping into my first meeting was really like stepping into the unknown for me. Luckily, I was greeted by a friendly group of fellow creative explorers.

The rules are simple: No Harsh Criticism and No Rationalizations

We begin our writing based on the leader's prompt: SPARKLING. Ok, I think to myself. I can do this. I can write for 10 minutes in stream of consciousness mode then read it aloud to a group of strangers, I only just met 5 minutes ago. My thoughts immediately turn to Christmas and the plethora of lights, trees, and ornaments all sparkling, that surround us at this time of the year. But then I become more contemplative, and write about the emotions that the holidays spark. Before I know it, time is up and I made it through.

When it comes time to read my piece, I do so in an expressive way that brings out my emotions. Several comments are made that my piece is "beautiful" and "fitting for the season." The leader even asks if I have written much before because she like the essay format I used and thinks that it could be expanded and possibly submitted for publication. I admit that it is "my first foray."

Try some of these writing prompts on your own:

  • Write your obituary. List your life's accomplishments. Write it 50 years into the future.

  • Write a 200-word description of a place. You can use any and all sensory descriptions but sight: you can describe what it feels like, smells like and even tastes like.

  • Try to remember your earliest childhood memory and re-write it from another perspective

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