Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do the Arts Have an Age Limit?

Not according to a recent article promoting the arts for people over 60. Authors, like David Galenson, have examined the concept of Old Masters, and now studies are verifying the claim that the arts enrich the lives of older adults.
"Aging artists rank higher in life satisfaction and self-esteem, according to a Needs Assessment of Aging Artists in New York City. They also are resilient and have an ongoing engagement with both their life and art, which translates to quality of life."

But you don't even have to consider yourself an artist to reap the creative benefits of the arts.

"The results of another study shows the positive impact of community-based cultural programs on those over 65, according to Gene Cohen, M.D., Ph.D., of George Washington University. During a National Endowment for the Arts conference he said, "community-based cultural programs for older adults appear to be reducing risk factors that drive the need for long-term care." It also showed an improvement on the depression, loneliness and morale scales."

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