Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How to Think Creatively

(Margan Zajdowicz image)

It's a skill that all of us use, yet a skill all of us could probably improve. Thinking creatively can help us not only create art but guide us through our daily lives. That's why I love this list of 50 Ways to Think Creatively.

Here are my favorites from the list:
  1. Be curious - wonder about things
  2. Surround yourself with diverse types of people
  3. Live in terms of exploration and discovery, not just solutions or right answers
  4. Use visual, metaphorical and analogical thinking - not just analytical
  5. Embrace, rather than avoid, ambiguity as an essential part of the creative process
Plus some that I plan to explore and experiment with in the new year:

  1. Take improv theater classes to feel more comfortable creating in real time
  2. Use different types of music in the background while thinking
  3. Surround yourself with life-giving and inspiring people, images and objects
  4. Meditate - cultivate presence and mindfulness
  5. Give your Creative Self space, time and attention
  • What are your favorite ways to think creatively?

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