Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seth Godin on Creativity

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Earlier this week marketing guru and blogger, Seth Godin made an interesting creativity analogy: creativity as a stretched sweatshirt.

His claim is that creativity is about getting to the edges, much like every time you wear your favorite sweatshirt it stretches and the edges become larger.

So why is this useful to creatively solving problems? Here's Godin's take:

1. If you want to be creative, understand that you'll need to get to the edges, even if the edges have moved. Being creative means immediately going to the place the last person left off.

2. If you are "not creative," if you are the sort of person that gets uncomfortable being creative or has been persuaded you're not capable, don't worry about it. Just stretch the sweatshirt in your spare time, watch the creative things other people have done, keep up with the state of the art. Then, when you do your "not creative" thing, most people will think it's pretty creative indeed.

  • This week try to find your creative edges.

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