Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cleveland is Creative

(Image Courtesy of Fast Company)

Although, I have known this for awhile, the rest of the world is just catching up and realizing that Cleveland is creative. Featured as one of Fast Company's most creative cities, Cleveland joins other national cities like San Francisco and New York and international cities Taipei and Vancouver.

While the article focuses on the creative reuse of land in the city, there are so many other things here that make Cleveland creative and just a cool place to live.
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Joe said...

Melanie, I didn't realize that Cleveland made this list. Makes sense though, with all the great music (R+R Hall of Fame, Cleveland Orchestra), plus the theater district (second largest in the country after New York's), plus the museums, the communications firms, tech companies, and on and on. Thanks for sharing that. As a lifelong area resident, I know that Cleveland is far from perfect. But we do have an ultra-strong creative class. And I get to work with area creatives every single day.

MELANIE said...


Thx for your comment. I couldn't agree more. It's nice that Cleveland was recognized for doing something right for once!