Thursday, June 3, 2010

Everyday Creative: Exploring

Sometimes, I wonder where the months go. This month was one of those times. I had been doing so well with this challenge then all of the sudden it was June. Oh where did the entire month of May go, while I was supposed to be exploring?

Maybe it’s because I already explore everything on a daily basis that I let this month slip away. Nonetheless, here’s how my progress went.

I pretty much skipped all the tasks but did all the reading and pondering, so does that count for something?

In reality, I really did spend my days exploring new places and ideas. For instance, I had a new culinary experience at a French restaurant surrounded by international discussions. Then, I spent a day exploring 3 different beaches near my home and collecting beach specimens along the way, and finally I continued my collage challenge by delving into the forms of various flowers as a theme.

Although, I must mention my favorite task of this chapter that you might also like to try:

Choose a very difficult creative project. Maisel gives the idea that if you want to write a song, write a musical instead, or if you want to write a novel then start with a multi- volume series. Work on this project for a couple of days then ask yourself if it really was as hard as you imagined? At least, you’ve found out whether it really is hard or not. So the next time, you come across a difficult project, embrace it!

So while I didn’t exactly do the tasks in the book, I did do a lot of exploring. All of which helped my creativity.
  • Join me next month as I’ll be Going Deep.


D.M. SOLIS said...

This is great, the notion of exploring other media. It's amazing how working with colors and textures can enhance one's writing, or how movie plots and themes can release our own memories about our stories or stories of people we've known. I very much appreciate and endorse this concept. On a similar plane, if you haven't seen "Amelie" lately, and especially if you haven't seen the director's commentary, it's a real treat. Throughout it the director tells how little jokes and pranks from his own childhood, etc., are woven into the movie. It's really quite an artful adventure and has recently stimulated my own creativity quite a lot. Thank you for posting this. It will speak to the "Art Spirit" in so many. Peace,


MELANIE said...

Thanks Diane,

Actually, I have never seen Amelie. Always wanted to though but the timing was never right. Maybe now's the time :)