Monday, June 28, 2010

What’s Your Creativity Ritual?

Starting back to school earlier in the month has been a great learning experience but has also put a damper on my creative time. With classes, homework, work and other commitments, I am finding less and less time to create.

My latest collages are now being created on my bed spontaneously in the middle of getting ready for work in the morning!

I realize that this is not the ideal environment to be creating in, so I am making the best of it. I have never been a person who has a ritual to complete before creating but am thinking maybe now is the time to craft one. The thought of being able to shift my focus and to utterly concentrate on my creative work, even if just for a half an hour, sounds divine.

I am wondering what other people do to get in the creative mood when life just gets in the way.
  • Do you have a ritual that inspires your creativity?


Shawn said...

New here: )

I work full time and am a mom of twin girls, who are 4. I have zero extra time and whatever time that is leftover is used to create. It's usually like 17 minutes or something. I work creativity into my world with my kids and I use m lunch break, often, to do some quiet time stuff like planning for being creative.

The best thing I do is plan ahead for when I do, finally, have time.

It's not easy to fit it all in but when you love something it just naturally falls into your day.

MELANIE said...

Thx Shawn~ Welcome! Wonderful advice for anyone looking for more time to be creative.

Happy Creating!

Kim G. Alford said...

Same time, same place is just about the only thing that keeps intentional-creativity in my week!! It has to be like a scheduled event or appt to actually happen in my busy world! :)

I sew with friends each Thursday night and attempt to have a creative community night once a month or so on a Tuesday evening when my husband hangs with the guys..

Still working on getting in more personal creative time, but this way at least I'm getting some of my social needs met as well. :)

Cris Buckley said...

Wow, I think it's very creative of you to be doing collages on your bed in the middle of getting ready for work! That's inspiring!

My only creative ritual is a quiet time first thing in the morning. It's been a habit for years. That's when I'm free to just be--think, follow ideas, etc. The rest I tuck in here and there... sometimes spontaneous and sometimes planned blocks of time. I go with the flow.