Monday, August 30, 2010

Everyday Creative: Connecting

I am not sure that this theme could have come at a better time for me. This month was all about connecting. I'd been thinking for some time about most of the issues covered in this chapter, so it was nice to actually have a space to explore them.

Connecting is something that I tend to do in spurts. I think it has something to do with being an introvert. Usually, I'll go on a spree where I am out and networking all the time and then I will retreat for a couple of months and then I'm back again. I am in the retreat mode now, so the first exercise was a little daunting. It required  me to try and create in public. Yes, I have taken art classes, but no, I haven't sat in the middle of an open area and created. Maybe, I'll try this one at a later date.

The second week seemed much easier for me to fathom to accomplish. This exercise asks you to find an art buddy. But first, you need to figure our your strengths and weaknesses and also the pros and cons of having and being an art buddy. It got me to thinking how isolated I am in my creating, so if anyone wants to art buddy up (or even create a group) and support one another then drop me a message!

By the third week, I was really catching on to this idea of connecting with other creatives. The exercise this time though required you to connect with a tradition, which I found fascinating. Yes, because I am an introvert and could retreat once again! But really, the concept was useful.
Try it yourself by looking through an art history text book or listening to a historical collection of music. Choose the images and or melodies that resonate with you. Once the list is compiled, see how they can inform your current work or inspire new work.
As the month wrapped up, I had explored creating in public (took a pass on that one!), considered finding an art buddy or starting a group of local creatives, and even looked to the past for inspiration. The final exercise was to look more closely at the audience I was creating for. I mean really look. Maisel asks you to go through magazines, and much like in marketing, create audience profiles. A great reminder for anyone putting their work into the public sphere.
  • Next month, I'll be ambitious!

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D.M. SOLIS said...

Dear Melanie,

There are places in this post I could have written...the whole introvert connecting in spurts meme. I very much appreciate the idea of letting a tradition of art or another genre inform our own work. Very helpful indeed. Thank you for posting this. Your usual great work. I always enjoy your process posts. Peace and continued good,