Friday, October 15, 2010

Everyday Creative: Ambition

Wrapping up the month of September has not been easy. Yes, I realize it is already the middle of October!

But September turned into one of the longest months in recent memory for me. As many of you know, I started (almost) full-time back to school, while continuing to work my day job.

This transition actually suited the theme of this month, which was "Be Ambitious." Undertaking such a task, as going back to school on  regular basis, definitely exemplifies ambition. The first exercise of the month is to write a letter about what you want and how you will achieve it. I actually wish I would have read this before I started school, because it might have served as a better map for my future.

A later topic and exercise in the book is contemplating a radical change. Another thing, I wish I would have thought out before setting out on this new journey. Maisel tells you to write out your creative autobiography then look at it closely to determine how to make a radical change. I think if I would have done this exercise earlier I might have made the same decision to go back to school. It's strange how this entire chapter seems to have been already done in my mind!

Finally, I did like the section on exhausting yourself, although that was pretty well taken care of by my current hectic schedule. What I thought helpful though was the exercise about creating your own imaginary world. Spend some time really getting to know this place, the landscape, the the people. How big can your imagination stretch? When you come back to your own world, use your insights to improve your current creative project.

Once you've been ambitious enough to imagine your own world, then it seems even the smallest creative projects will be simple in comparison.
  • Next month, I'll "be truthful"

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