Monday, May 18, 2009

Creative LA

I'm no Richard Florida, but I think LA is one of the most creative cities. After my latest trip there, I am now further convinced by this. Why?

1. Location: Not only does LA have inspiring warm weather and beautiful light, but the ever-changing landscape of this metropolis is simply breathtaking. Whether you travel to the beach and become mesmerized by the ocean, drive through the awe-inspiring mountains or simply admire all of the colorful flora, LA is a feast for the eyes and imagination.

2. Attitude: The vibe in LA changes from community to community, but for the most part there is an underlying casual attitude that encompasses the entire area. Such a vibe can only foster the creative spirit and encourage you to take creative risks.

3. Diversity: Not only is the landscape diverse, but so are the 10 million+ residents that inhabit Southern California. Everywhere you travel, you see evidence of cultural diversity and often hear another language or two spoken nearby. There is such an assortment of inspiration around every corner.

  • What's your favorite creative city?


Moon Katty Studios said...

Santa Fe, New Mexico- I am always inspired when I go there. The terrain is beautiful, the city is charming, art is oozing out of every pore. Love it!

Lily Penelope said...

Although I'm now back in Switzerland the years I was living in LA were fantastic! I totally agree with your point of you on the city. It feels weird though, when I go back there on vacation, noticing that things change so quickly. Many memories have disappeared leaving space to new things! LA is my fav creative city....together with Paris!
Nice blog!