Monday, June 22, 2009

My Favorite Creativity Blogs

People always ask what creativity blogs I read on a regular basis. So I've put together a brief list to answer that question.

Creative Perch
Dee Wilcox is the author of this blog that has the simple goal to inspire creativity and encourage innovation. I love Dee's ability to balance practical creativity tips with real life examples of public art, especially guerrilla art.

The Fertile Unknown
This blog written by creativity consultant extraordinaire Michelle James explores the process of creative emergence and what that looks like in life and work, especially business.

Applied Imagination
This is the blog I go to when I want to know what's new in creativity. Steve Dahlberg does a wonderful job of sorting through the latest news on creativity and posting some of the most interesting ideas out there.

Creativity at Work
Looking at the intersection, or interplay, as author Linda Naiman refers to it, between art, science and business is the focus of this informative blog.

Life Unfolds
Jennifer Lee is a self-described Certified Coach, Writer, Leader, Artist, Yogini and Musepreneur. Her colorful and always creative blog chronicles her personal journey of creative expression.
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Dee Wilcox said...

Thanks so much for including me on your list! You've made my Monday!

I'm honored to be included among some of my favorite bloggers. :) I love reading your articles, as well! You put uncommon sincerity into your articles, and you are great at connecting ideas & people.

Thanks again for including me! :)

Jennifer Lee said...

Wowzers! Thanks so much for the mention. I'm extremely honored. Love what Dee and Michelle are up to, as well and I'm excited to be introduced to some other cool, creative folks now, too. They're awesome! Thank you for sharing such great resources!!