Monday, October 12, 2009

Creativity in Business

Not too long ago, I mentioned the term "creativity in business" to a colleague, who promptly responded, "Isn't that an oxy moron?"

Yes, most people don't think of creativity when they think about business. That's why the Creativity in Business Conference held earlier this month in Washington, DC was so important. We need to debunk this myth that creativity can not exist in the work world, more specifically the business world.

While I couldn't attend the conference, I am happy to share with you some of the blog recaps of the event with the hope that you will see that creativity and business can co-exist and do so successfully!

  • Has your opinion of creativity and business changed?

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ABCcreativity said...

hi melanie.

nice to meet you,i saw your comment over at the giveaway at for my creativity kit.

i love your blog and especially this post. there is so much power in creativity - we need to bring it into business, business can support creativity. i am learning a lot about this right now.

good luck in the draw tomorrow,