Monday, December 14, 2009

Benefits of Being Everyday Creative

One of my everyday creative habits involves checking out the magazine rack at my local library. Quite frequently, you will find me there picking up magazines that catch my eye, especially magazines I would not normally read.

This weekend, intrigued by the cover story Everyday Creative, I stumbled upon the latest issue of Psychology Today. The article begins by debunking, probably, the number one myth of creativity and that is that if you are not a creative genius then you are simply not creative and have no hope of ever being creative.

Instead, the article focuses on the fact that too many people fall for that myth and don't even see all the creative potential and successes in their own life.

Another myth, debunked in the article, is that creativity is intrinsically linked to the arts. Not so, say these authors, who concede that true creativity begins with problem-solving skills and that we can all learn and master these in our everyday lives, whether that means coming up with a new recipe or simply another way to get the kids to go to bed!

So how do you begin being everyday creative? Well, first you have to believe that you are creative, then you have to discover your problem-solving style and use it to innovate in your own daily life. Before you know it, you'll see some of the benefits:

*Increased observation skills
*A more collaborative spirit
*Better coping skills.

For more on being everyday creative, check out my new column starting in January on Creative Perch. I'll be following Eric Maisel's Creativity Book to enhance my own creativity and encourage you to join me.
  • How are you everyday creative?


Dee Wilcox said...

I'm looking forward to your new series, Melanie! Can't wait :)

Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio said...

What a great point. Creativity is something we all have inside, and you can learn this from watching young children making art. Children of all ages love being creative, and they are not shy about it and have no self doubts like many adults. On the contrary, it is the arts that give children confidence and helps them stay engaged! At Young Audiences, we see this every day in our work. Thanks for the great post.

MELANIE said...

@Dee Wilcox I am looking forward to it too!

@YANEO Thanks for the great work you do! With so many art programs getting cut from schools, it's organizations like yours that matter so much. I've seen firsthand how the arts can impact young lives :)