Thursday, April 15, 2010

Five {5} Creative Questions with Shannon Kinney-Duh

The amazing Shannon Kinney-Duh is my guest this month answering Five {5} Creative Questions.

Shannon has been teaching yoga for 9 years, and has been actively exploring her own creative journey throughout her life. What she loves most is discovery and learning new things, and inspiring others to do the same. As she practices yoga and makes art, she feels more deeply connected to her true self.

Her life’s mission is to create, connect with and enliven joy, personal growth and the unlimited potential in herself and in others.

She is also a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher through the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, and completed their Kriology program. She’s participated in Eric Maisel’s Creativity Coaching program and the Holistic Life Coaching program through the Spencer Institute. She has years of experience teaching and facilitating individuals and groups in creative exploration and mindful living. She loves all art forms, especially fiber, intuitive painting and art journaling. She considers herself a student of life.

You can find her online at Free Spirit Knits.

1. What does creativity mean to you?
Creativity to me means living in the present moment. It’s playing with my son, it’s making messes, it’s getting lost in paint, it’s thinking a new thought. I believe a big part of creativity is embracing our authenticity and letting it shine.

2. What is your creative process, and what tools do you use to stimulate it?
In order for my creativity to shine best, I need to take good care of myself. This means that I have to find balance between my family life and personal interests. My balance comes when I take time each day for stillness. This might be taking a yoga class, or listening to a guided meditation, or writing in my journal, or simply stopping for 5 minutes to notice my breath. I feel stillness is the key to connecting to our heart centers, the place where our intuition and creativity lives.

3. What is your most creative time of day?
I think this is such an important question. I have learned that my most creative time is first thing in the morning. I used to use all of my vital energy during this time cleaning the house, folding clothes and running errands. I found that by the end of the day I was mad and exhausted because I could never find any time for creating. Now, I honor my natural energy and head to my art room when I wake up. It’s a routine my 2 year-old is used to as well, and he’ll pull out his paints or train set and create alongside me. It’s my favorite part of the day.

4. How do you infuse creativity into your daily life and tasks?
Being a mom – integrating creativity into my daily life is a must! I feel like most of the activities I do with my son are creative in some way. If I pull out his paints, I might paint along with him, or pull out my journal and write a bit. If I take him to the park I’ll turn my cell phone off and walk slower so that we can really enjoy being in the moment. If I find a new recipe I love, I’ll let him help me cook it, then I might take a few photos and share it on my blog. Integration is something I’m getting so much better at, and I feel much more creatively alive because of it.

5. What creative tip or resource would you like to share with our readers?
Recently, I have integrated my biggest passion in life; art, writing, journaling, yoga, meditation, and inspiring others – into an e-course called Inside Out: A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery. This course is so near and dear to my heart. I have had 100’s of people join me in this journey from all over the world, and I have to say, connecting, sharing and growing with like-minded explorers in a creative, mindful way, has become a wonderful complement for those on a creative journey.

I truly believe we are ALL creative and deserve to feel like artists. We all know our life’s purpose, and how to live with more meaning, creativity and joy, yet with the craziness of life most of us forget. Inside Our E-Course helps us remember.
  • THANKS Shannon!

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Anonymous said...

Shannon, you and your family are some of the most creative people I have seen. You inspire me to take time to just sit still and let my mind wonder. I think K is very lucky to have you as a mom. I love hearing the updates. Keep it up.

Love Uncle Jim