Monday, March 14, 2011

Creative Dreamtime

In college, I took a 2D Design class. One of the required text books was on the philosophy of art. In that book, I remember a term taken from the Australian aboriginals that has always inspired me. It's called dreamtime. The aboriginal people used it to describe their stories of creation, but I like using in conjunction with creativity.

For me, creative dreamtime does not just occur at night when you are sleeping. In fact, I like to use it before I drift into sleep and usually during the day when I am taking a nap. Oftentimes on the weekend, I will retreat to my cozy bed to work through an idea.

When I lay down, I start to meditate on my idea and the possible creative solutions for it. It is during this time of relaxation that I get some of my best and most creative ideas.

I also make a point to get up before I actually drift into the real dream land to jot those ideas down on a pad of paper in near my bed. I find that once I fall asleep, I have forgotten most of my ideas. And I am not usually a person, who can work ideas out in my dreams, so I found creative dreamtime works best for me.
  • When's your creative dreamtime?


Donna said...

My creative dreamtime is usually in the shower. Weird, I know! I call the shower my think seems like I always get the best ideas in there and I have to hurry up and get out and write them down before I forget! LOL Otherwise, it's right before I fall asleep. :)

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Hey! Happy belated birthday, Buckeye Sister! Thanks for the sweet blogiversary wishes. Won't belong before we can plan that Headlands outing. I'm heading out to check it out tomorrow ;o) Big Hugs - Ang

D.M. SOLIS said...

It's a remarkable time, isn't it, when the subconscious comes out to play...before drifting to sleep, or before stirring, when waking...or in the shower...or doing some repetitive seemingly mundane thing...or working in the garden...or during a run...and even while we sleep. Take notes and pay attention. You don't want to miss your brilliance when it's whispering or shouting at you.